Today's consumers are increasingly making active healthy lifestyle choices that include products and services related to sports, fitness, health, and wellness. These consumers are more educated and savvy than ever. So it's crucial that brands and their creative/production partners that are hiring talent as part of their efforts to reach this audience, select talent that are authentic and credible to these consumers. SLU represents a resource of professional models and talent that supports the production and branding needs of these clients.

SLU represents a diverse group of models and talent in markets across the U.S. for print, commercials, tv/film projects, runway/live presentations, fitting modeling, special events, motion capture and social media influencer campaigns. SLU also helps connect brands with celebrity athletes/personalities and influencers for endorsements and appearances.

The seed for SLU was planted after Dave Weiss, our CEO & Founder, moved to Portland in 1980 to pursue a commercial art career. Shortly after arriving, Dave was approached about working as a model and entered the industry. As a fit and skilled collegiate level athlete, Dave found that his marketability was of particular interest to brands seeking authentic imagery of sports, fitness and an active healthy lifestyle. From his first booking, Dave experienced a successful modeling and acting career working as a talent with over 100 companies, including brands such as Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Avia, and InSport. Molly Weiss, Dave's wife and partner, also enjoyed a successful career in the industry both as a talent and as a broadcast producer.

"Create an air of authenticity; a one-of-a-kind business helping companies create that realistic aura."
— Portland Business Journal

As there were no other commercial talent agencies focusing specifically on sports, fitness and lifestyle related projects, Dave began acting as his own agent. Soon after, he began consulting with the companies that booked him as a model, providing resources for talent, scouting locations, recommending photographers, and offering technical advice. In a short period of time, Dave realized there was a specific need for an agency specialized in providing a resource of fit, healthy, and skilled talent. Armed with the experience and knowledge Dave had amassed as an athlete and a model together with Molly's experience as a talent and broadcast producer, they founded the agency in 1991. In 2002, Paul Herschell joined the agency with a background in sports management and business development to help identify growth opportunities and develop the business.

Now, after more twenty-five years in business, SLU has earned its reputation as the leading agency serving the active side of the model and talent industry.