New Talent Submission

Thank you for your interest in being represented by SLU!
In order to evaluate your marketability with our industry clients, we request that you complete the following new talent submission process. This will provide us with a basic understanding of your athletic/sports skills, physical attributes, and lifestyle look.

Our Divisions

Our agency represents individuals in one or both of our divisions, based on how we perceive your marketability with our industry clients.

For our sports/fitness division, we are looking for highly skilled individuals who have advanced level skills and experience in one or more sports or fitness skill categories and can help support the credibility and authenticity required by our clients.

For our lifestyle division, we are seeking men, women and teens/kids who represent an active, healthy lifestyle and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to be successful in our industry. Prior experience as a model or actor is not required but is an advantage.

Where You Are Located

We are actively recruiting highly marketable talent and models located within commutable distance to the following major markets:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Mid West - Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee
  • Boston, MA
  • New York City, NY
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Miami, FL

*Los Angeles - Due to our developed Talent pool in LA, we are not actively scouting new talent at the present time. However, we still welcome new submissions in the event you possess a unique skill or look.

Should you live in another market we may still be interested in representing you. For example, perhaps you have very unique and hard-to-find skills. However, it is likely that potential opportunities will be much more limited if you are located outside a major market..

A few important notes before you get started...

Our online submission process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Before you start the process, you should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Contact Information
  • Accurate clothing sizes and physical measurements
  • Brief summary of any athletic skills and experience
  • Upload recent images representing your current look and physical conditioning
  • Sports Bio/Resume if appropriate
  • Acting Resume if appropriate

Tips on Sizes

It is very important that you provide us with accurate clothing sizes and measurements, not your personal preference of clothing size. It is typically helpful to have someone else available to help take your measurements as you complete the process.

Tips on Images

We request that you upload a variety of digital images that you feel best represents your potential marketability with our industry clients:

  • Headshot (required) - Tightly cropped, warm and friendly.
  • Current Digital Snapshot (required) - A full body digital photo (taken on the day you submit your profile) that represents your current look and physical conditioning. Men should wear shorts only and women should wear shorts and sports bra.
  • Lifestyle - More traditional commercial modeling shots without technical sports skills (think catalog shots like Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, Lands End, REI etc).
  • Athletic/Sports Action - You performing your primary sports/fitness skill(s) at a level of technical ability.
  • Modeling Tears and/or Comp Card - If you have modeling experience and have tears from previous bookings and/or a current Composite (or Zed) card, please upload as image files.

Please note: Submitted images may be shot professionally or simply taken with a digital camera, but images should generally represent your current look and physical conditioning and be of a tasteful nature - no full nudity shots please!

All personal information you submit to us will be considered confidential and used only to evaluate your marketability with our industry clients and to market you should you sign with our agency. We will not sell or release your personal information for any third party marketing purpose without your prior approval.

Finally, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to process submissions that are incomplete or received by fax or regular mail.

new talent submission